Star Tau Entrepreneurship Center of Tel Aviv University, founded in 2009, is all about education and encouragement of entrepreneurship, as well as creating a link between entrepreneurs and the national and international start up industry. Star Tau is the most active entrepreneurship center in Israel. It has the extensive partnerships in the private and public sectors in Israel and abroad.
Star Tau offers a wealth of activities in the field of entrepreneurship:
  • Acceleration programs
  • Training for entrepreneurs
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • International connections between entrepreneurs and investors. 
Star Tau invites you to participate in entrepreneurial activities and collaborate with us.
  •  We are looking for a company or organization (public/private) wishing to collaborate and benefit from an extensive entrepreneurial branding approach to high-tech projects. We are also looking for those in the startup industry worldwide. 


  •  Small business development centers (locally and abroad). We are creating a network of small business development centers worldwide that collaborate using information exchange projects (K2K), creating global networks, as well as including syndicates of investors.
Want to take part? Tell us and we will be in contact.