International Department
As a leading entrepreneurship center powered by Tel Aviv University, StarTAU works as a hub, linking our activities and events with key players, businesses and organizations in diverse areas of the Israeli ecosystem.  StarTau has relationships with more than 20,000 industry leaders and key experts in the local and global startups ecosystem, most of them involved in at least one of our many different activities during the year.  We collaborate with acceleration leaders, industry experts, and local startups that can bring services to our global partners and clients. The International Department mainly focuses on these global opportunities and partnerships, as well as global investments and incubation opportunities.


Professional and Educational Seminars for Governmental, Economic & Business Partners

StarTau provides governments, businesses and global partners professional and tailored immersion in the Israeli innovation ecosystem. These seminars are intended for economic, governmental and academic leaders who wish to learn more about developing their own ecosystem or learn how to catalyze innovation in their home countries. This includes educational sessions, speaker panels, and visits with leaders in the Israeli startup ecosystem. This is also an opportunity to form a network of relationships with key players from the Israeli and European startup scene. The seminar program covers a variety of topics, among which are the Israeli startup ecosystem, the role of government in innovation, accelerators and VCs, investments, going global, academia as a catalyst for innovation, and innovative thinking in the community.

* Seminars are tailor made for private groups and need to be reserved minimum 3 months ahead of time.


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Consultant Services
StarTAU’s International Department supports different governments and international organizations interested in learning about Israel as the “StartUp Nation.” Our knowledge of the community and startup ecosystem around us puts us in the best position to help foreign governments get their foot in the door locally and globally. Based on our 8 years of experience, we support organizations, universities and businesses in their own community building endeavors. We also consult global entities on how to leverage their involvement within the startup and innovation arena, initiate new projects, and provide them tools to develop their own entrepreneurial and organizational identity.


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Events and Partnerships
StarTau is a local facilitator for global organizations that wish to set up relationships with the Israeli Startup and tech community. StarTau can facilitate programs, organize hackathons and arrange networking events. StarTau can focus on challenges facing your company and use our local resources to address these challenges. Through our resources, your company can expand their Israeli network and help create new and innovative uses for their products.  

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GNF - Global Networking Forums

At the forefront of international operations at StarTau are the GNF events. These are events that connect local and foreign entrepreneurs to avenues that help to increase their activity and success, such as foreign embassies in Israel, Israeli representatives abroad, chambers of commerce, global business networks, and more. Events are held once every few months, usually as part of programs such as International business week.

Our two biggest events are TAU Innovation in May of each year and International Business Week in September of each year.

TAU Innovation Conference is a unique, large-scale international event led by StarTAU, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center and RAMOT Technology Transfer Office.  Entrepreneurs, industry personnel, diplomats, investors, the university community and other entrepreneurial parties come together for a week of education, investment and networking.

5,000+ Participants, 950+ Entrepreneurs, 350+ Investors, 90+ Israeli Start Ups, 30+ Countries Participating. This event is usually held in May.

International Business Week is the international department's flagship program. It is for the international community of entrepreneurs from around the world, and Israel. The program is held twice a year and exposes participants to the world of innovation, technology entrepreneurship and high-tech in Israel and abroad. IBW allows participants to meet with investors to gain exposure to the high-tech industry, and expand their business contact network. The program pairs participants with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, startup companies and technological centres, as well as professional content developers. This event is usually held in September.

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Internships at StarTau

Within the framework of the activities of the International Department and other departments here at StarTau, our interns come to Israel from many different countries to specialize in different programs. The interns arrive for work and contribute to all events, such as International Business Week. They assist with events, complete research to help create entrepreneurship workshops, and even work with

visiting groups from abroad.



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