Startau -Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center

StarTAU is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009 by a group of then-students, who felt there’s a gap in the academy’s ability to support early-stage entrepreneurs inside the campus. In a very short time StarTAU grew to be the largest and most active entrepreneurship center in Israel, with a community of more than 15,000 local followers and thousands more throughout the world.


StarTAU’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs and students of entrepreneurship with the practical and professional guidance they need to start a successful business venture. We assist businesses and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields including: internet ventures, bio-tech development, mobile applications, low-tech ventures, patent licensing, medical devices and many more. Our training and facilities include workshops and seminars, courses (3500+ alumni), mentorship programs with a database of over 350 mentors, and funding opportunities with a database of over 250 Angels and VC’s. StarTAU additionally offers key networking and business resources as well as open space hubs for students and entrepreneurs.



StarTAU’s vision is to promote Israeli entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs around the world and to become a leading organization in the global entrepreneurship market. Our team focuses on assisting in all parts of their business ventures: business development, marketing, legal advice, and many more.



Accompanying entrepreneurs


Exclusive support programs for entrepreneurs in various stages, in which we assist the entrepreneur in aim him and connect to key people who are leaders in their field.from accountants and lawyers through marketing specialists and technical experts to help. Recruiting investors 




We run courses for entrepreneurs, students and people who want to enter the entrepreneurial world, usually come to learn from the leading experts from relevant disciplines. The aim of the courses here are expanding personal knowledge in relevant topics and practical experience in fields such as social media marketing, Affiliate Marketing, medical equipment, doing business abroad, UX/UI design, programming and more.


Program B2B 


Star Tau Center as a leading organization in Israel gives today support and entrepreneurial communities in specific. The support can be in consulting in specific areas relating to establishing development community and/or help in establishing the programme for companies who are interested to enter the world of innovation at the front door. The Center's clients are: upper division of the Ministry of education, the Department of the air force, "Nazareth" business incubator, "" Rupin "accomplishment", and more.




We are very active in high-tech projects, and conduct many events from Western way Hackathons Fitch (PitchNights), networking events, and conferences. Our annual event-TAU Innovation Conference is one of the top events in Israel with more than 4,500 guests from all over the world.


International activities


we are active on the international stage and help Israeli entrepreneurs to contact relevant channels abroad. We conduct extensive research on entrepreneurship in the world, and twice a year business week International (IBW), which want entrepreneurs from around the world for a week of meetings with investors, lectures from experts and visits In seeking and successful companies. We also deliver lectures and experiential seminars on technological entrepreneurship world many groups that come to the country, and hosts delegations from overseas.


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  • Hila Glick, Director of International Relations at StarTAU
    As the Director of International Affairs at Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, Hila's main focus is to consult global entities on how to leverage their contributions and development in the startup and innovation arena, initiate new projects, and provide a platform to connect global corporations with the Israeli startup ecosystem.
  • Oren Simanian, Founder
    Oren is the founder of the Entrepreneurship Center at Tel Aviv University. He is also the CEO of TAU Ventures, the investment fund for Tel Aviv University. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and Economics.
  • Elena Donets, CEO
    Elena is the CEO of StarTau. She is the founder of Women's Entrepreneurship Program "We Dream." Elena has experience in building and managing social enterprises as well as strategy and marketing plans for startups. She is also the founder and board member of the "Big Brother" Organization. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Engineering.
  • Dan Balter, Vice President
    Dan is an experienced entrepreneur who always has his hands in multiple ventures. He is an expert on the Israeli Start-Up ecosystem. At a very young age he participated in an innovation education program, and knows first-hand how effective innovation education is. Dan is currently a lecturer for international events on his personal experiences as an entrepreneur.
  • Nir Eliyahu , Web Developer
    Nir serves as a computer programmer. He works in SAP and develops web content for management systems and PC. He is currently a student of Management and Computer Science and works as a project manager.