StarTau builds bridge with European and Central American partners
StarTau builds bridge with European and Central American partners
פורסם בתאריך 1/1/70 2:00 AM, ע"י Samantha Resnik

The week of October 25th, StarTau hosted two visiting delegations, one from Central America and the other from Catalonia. From Central America, we hosted an incredible delegation of 13 members from Mexico. This visit was part of a group coming from the IPADE Business School, the executive program for directors in Mexico City. We had the privilege of showing them many amazing startups and ventures. Then, just a couple of days later, over 40 participants from Catalonia came to take part in our Israeli Ecosystem and Innovation Seminar. The week was a great success, staying true to the goals of StarTau to build meaningful connections between the international startup ecosystem and the Israeli one.


Starting with our delegation from Mexico, we headed to one of our partners, Krypton Ventures, on Day 1. At Krypton, the delegation learned how the company quickly launches their startups to the outside world without wasting precious time and capital on unproven and costly processes. We then heard from startups and tech companies that are thriving here in the Tel Aviv tech scene and around the world, such as FairFly and SimilarWeb, which was recently rated by Time magazine as the 50 top apps of the year--showing users traffic statistics for any website or app, allowing you to compare traffic and more. After a long, informative day, we ended at one of the most beautiful culinary marketplaces in Israel, Sarona market, for dinner and drinks.


On Days 2 and 3 we heard from top startups such as Gett, PlayBuzz, Wix and Moovit, exposing our participants to the best of the startup ecosystem. Wix, for example, is a company that provides a highly curated App Market, enabling its users to build and manage a fully integrated and dynamic digital presence. Wix has 90 million users and is growing every day--so it was exciting to hear their story of growth and international popularity. The opportunity to hear from key players at these startups was invaluable, and on top of that, to visit their headquarters, was an unparalleled experience. At the end of our 3 days together, the Mexican delegation was definitely well informed and inspired by all that they had learned.


To end the week, our Catalonia delegation had a packed three days with equally fantastic speakers and events. Our 42 participants were curious and passionate people, coming from a variety of sectors such as government, agriculture, business, and academia. We started at Google Campus, Google’s meeting space for all things entrepreneur. There, our many speakers, such as Uri Weinheber from The Time, discussed topics like the foundations of the Israeli Startup Ecosystem and the role of municipality within the ecosystem. The day ended with a Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) Workshop, a practical activity developed in Israel, to enforce creativity, problem solving, and innovation inside companies and organizations.  


Day 2 took place in Jerusalem, to get a taste of the startup scene flourishing in the holy city. From Jerusalem Venture Capital, to success stories from startups such as Aspectiva and DMWay, our delegation saw just what the Jerusalem tech scene has to offer. A special highlight of the day was the Chefs for Peace Tour, where highly regarded chefs spoke about the way food connects people of all different background and faiths. The day ended with a guided tour of Jerusalem’s old city, putting the historical significance of the city into perspective next to the modern day tech culture of Israel.


The last day of the Catalonia delegation was at Rise Tel Aviv, an accelerator owned by Barclays, within the co-working space MindSpace. Here, the delegation learned about IBM’s first accelerator in the world, located in Israel. Then, a panel discussion followed, focusing on accelerators and their benefit to the startup ecosystem. The rest of the day held interesting speakers such as Avi Bar from Google, Avigail Levine from Aleph VC, and Adam Fogel the CEO of Mimeni. The founder of StarTau and currently the CEO of TAU Ventures, Oren Simanian, spoke about Tel Aviv University’s place in the world as the leading institution for innovation and entrepreneurship. Each speaker provided their exclusive knowledge and expertise to the delegation, making day 3 one of the best yet.


Finally, our three days came to a close at Barnea & Co, the perfect place to say “gracias” for an amazing week.